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One with the Wonder

by Abhi Ktori

If I listen to my mind I might believe There's nothing we can trust And we've all got something hidden up our sleeve If I hadn't dropped my mind back then And given life itself a chance Would I still hear the music Would it even cross my mind to dance I always thought that I'd be free Without any desire When I found the right combination Of oxygen and fire. But rising out of stillness now I hear the music start And all at once I'm dancing All at once I'm dancing All at once I'm dancing At the Sunrise of my heart. If I listen to my mind I might decide To never open up to love There'd be nowhere left to hide That old candle flame Burns bright enough But it couldn't break the trance Then I woke and heard the music The Blessings of the music I awoke and heard the music And I couldn't wait to dance . Oh I've been lost among the rocks Along the paths of paradox And it took the wisdom of this old fox To find his way back home But now I'm feathered up for flight Oh let me rise out of the night Let the music start Today I feel like dancing Today I feel like dancing Today I feel like dancing At the Sunrise of my Heart.
68 in Paris The Princess and the king of dance Were walking Talking By the Seine Umbrellas Just in case of rain . On ballerina tired feet She talks the language of the street He loves her tough girl freedom talk She likes his Charlie Chaplin walk. They danced to Mingus Minuetes Your touch she said Has left me wed He led her through the barricades He kissed her cheeks The music played, Sometimes it's the station moving Sometimes it's the train Sometimes we're just calling From the borders of our pain And some will sink below Some will rise above We all will come and go At the speed of love.
The beautiful song of the Wood thrush As she sings her morning hello To the forest where there's no rush or panic. Reminds me that I can let go Of the worry The hurry The old nine to five To feel the joy and the blessings Of just being alive. When I look at the trees I become the trees When I look at the moon I am one with the moon When I look at sky I dance One with the dancing clouds. I am flame I am fire Holy Breath And rebirth One with the wonder Of this wonderful Earth.
Only Love 03:42
When did you stop singing When did you lose your dance When did trouble fill your bones What crazy circumstance But we can still reach to the heart The deepest mystery To feel again the longing The ever present longing The power of the longing to be free We can sing together We can harmonise That beautiful day When you find your voice Waiting deep inside Lay down Lay down Your weary load We were meant to be To find agan the longing The power of the longing The power of the longing To be free. You can call me crazy But these days I find Just a little madness Gets me out of my mind Shine on Shine on And let your song arise Only love can keep the heart alive Only love Love Love Can keep the heart alive Only love can keep the heart alive I've been to many lands Seen this wisdom survive Only love can keep the heart alive.
The beauty of a song Can melt the hardest Heavy heart He wants to tell you everything He don't know where to start I stood before your open door My singer And my pride Tonight I would dance Around the moon To be there by your side. To trust that every springtime The sun returns anew To trust the beauty Of this Earth That keeps on shining through. To trust the changes In the sky The promise Of sweet summer rain. To trust the beating Of your heart. To trust in love again.
One Breath 02:55
One Breath Breath of eternity One song Becomes a symphony Of hearts meeting In harmony With you our Blessed One. One Breath,
Holy Holy 02:58
Water Wild water Kiss my bones I'm weary of the city Tired of telephones Water wild water Let my fears unwind Let the song of the river Ease my mind. I think I just saw Jupiter Or maybe it was Mars Floating round These Heavens Cathedral of the stars Down into the deep blue diving To the fire gold Holy, Holy Holy, It's a wonder to behold. It's a blessing to be living On this blessed day The beauty of your smile Blew my words away Sometimes we swim together Sometimes we swim apart. Holy Holy Holy Are the rhythms of the heart,
Oh my heart is cracking open Its been closed for far too long I'm diving deep down deep Into the power of love My heart is growing strong. I'm bearing witness To the way the spirit moves Bearing witness To the way the spirit Moves in me. I had trouble Trouble in mind Always trying to get it right Now I dance the sacred rhythm From the darkness To the light. Traveling light No destination Let this longing be my guide To the heart of all creation To that treasure deep inside . Bearing Witness To the way the spirit moves Bearing witness To the way the spirit moves in me. All I could see was how I was broken Now I see the way I'm whole It is love sweet love that has awoken This deep connection to my soul, Bearing witness to the way the spirit moves in me.
These days I'm taking the road less troubled It feels like a bright new start To take every chance to join the wild dance And get back to the way of the heart And every day it's becoming more clear I cannot move the way that fear makes me move. In the time that I have left to be here I will not move the way of fear. I will not move I will not move I will not move the way of fear I will not move I can not move the way of fear. Oh I've been broken I've been healed I resisted But then I had to yield To the question rising From the deepest part of me Do I love myself enough To be free. Oh gentle pilgrim Who are you tonight? Are you the one whose suffering In fear. Oh Blessed Being Breathing in the Light The one who's getting clear. Beyond the duties And the details of our lives There's a beauty that we find When we simply close our eyes In that space where we discover The greatest mystery When we love ourselves enough When we trust ourselves enough To be free. I will not move I will not move I will not move The way of fear.


New songs from Abhi Ktori featuring the vocals of Makaysha Rain and guitar from Tierro Lee

Listen everywhere: fanlink.to/onewiththewonder


released September 11, 2023

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