My Heart Bows Down to You​/​Maha Mantra

from by Brenda McMorrow

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    This song is taken from the forthcoming release by Brenda McMorrow, Canada’s brightly shining kirtan star.
    On her fourth release with White Swan, Brenda draws upon her extensive travels as a sought-after touring artist to weave fresh new flavors into her distinctive sound; time spent in Spain, Peru and Mexico inspired the introduction of Spanish lyrics in some songs, while yearly visits to India have helped nurture the place of clarity and transformative growth in which her songs take root.
    The title track, “My Heart Bows Down to You/Maha Mantra,” builds and breathes like one of Brenda’s joyful live kirtans, starting sparsely with just Brenda’s voice accompanied by harmonium, and soon rising to meet the impassioned chorus of accompanying singers. The gratitude expressed in the lyrics lends infectious buoyancy, a direct transmission from singer to listener.
    We hope you enjoy this song. As always, thanks for listening and if you like it, please share it.
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As my heart gets opened wide and my sights are set on you - I can feel heart and mind ready to be with you - I’m with you everyday - I’m alone no more - Always been this way - Now I know for sure - I’m alone no more – My heart bows down to you - Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
The “Great Mantra”: ‘Hare’ is the feminine power or energy of Krishna (Radha/Shakti),‘Krishna’ and ‘Rama’ (both incarnations of Vishnu) are ‘The All-Attractive One’ and ‘The Source of All Pleasure.’ A spiritual call to the Divine.


from My Heart Bows Down to You, released September 18, 2015
Facebook: /brendamcmorrow
Twitter: @brendamcmorrow
Instagram: @mcmorrowb

Released in partnership with White Swan Records
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Twitter: /whiteswanmusic



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