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On My Heart Bows Down to You, Brenda McMorrow blends elements of acoustic folk and world rhythms with a sweetly introspective singer-songwriter’s sensibility as she crafts tuneful, uplifting interpretations of traditional Sanskrit mantras with her own inspiring lyrics and excerpts of poems by the Sufi mystic Rumi.

"All One Song" is a beloved mantra celebrating the union of the Lover and the Beloved.

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My love, your love - My heart, your heart - It’s all one song we’re singing - No end and no beginning - It’s all one heart - We are all infinite - No end and no beginning - It’s Love, Love - There’s a butterfly on the other side of the world – And a baby in its mother’s arms – There’s a river that’s flowing and hands that are holding and a beautiful way with words – It’s a manifestation, a blessed creation in the form of me and you - There’s something that animates all of it all of the time - It’s Love, Love – It’s my love, it’s your love, it’s all one love – It’s my heart, it’s your heart, it’s all one heart – It’s my song it’s your song, it’s all one song – It’s Love, Love -
It’s all one song...


from My Heart Bows Down to You, released September 18, 2015



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